NATO may set up a naval base in Albania NATO may set up a naval base in Albania

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NATO is considering setting up a naval base in Albania, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on October 28 after talks with Albanian President Ilir Meta in Tirana.

“Albania has an important role to play in NATO, it is important for both NATO and NATO,” Stoltenberg said. NATO is already investing in an air base in Albania and has not yet decided to build a naval base.

“But this is the thing [building a naval base] that is being considered by our military leadership and our military experts. NATO will decide on this”, the NATO Secretary General stressed.

We recall that in 2009, Albania joined NATO.

In August 2018, it announced the construction of the first NATO air base in the Western Balkans in the Albanian city of Kuchova.


BA Comment

The news of the possible construction of a NATO naval base in Albania, which would complement Kuchova’s air base, explains Russia’s increased interest, Russian special services and Russian business in Albania. A series of deals has recently been about a change in Russia’s foreign policy towards this Balkan country.

Recalling that Russia had plans to build its own naval base in Montenegro, but the failed coup attempt put a stop to these hopes.

In the absence of an opportunity for its own bases, Russia is moving towards an alternative strategy to destabilize these countries and strengthen its influence to the extent that NATO plans can be blocked.