About Us

The Center for Balkan and Black Sea Studies (CBBSS) was registered as a non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) according to Bulgarian law in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2011. Its purpose from the beginning was two-fold:


  • To provide governments, international organizations and other NGOs with timely and reliable analysis on geopolitical and economic trends and developments in its region of interest.
  • To supply its readers and sponsors with objective current news and analysis from the region and beyond.
In its mission, it is guided by a firm commitment to democratic values and the free enterprise system. In particular, CBBSS supports the Euro-Atlantic defense alliance and the European Union and opposes all efforts to change European borders by force of arms and subvert the established democratic order by radical islamist and other violent movements and organizations.
For more information pls contact: info@cbbss.org

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