Croatia threatens to arrest Vojislav Seselj

Serbian ultranationalist Vojislav Seselj announced that, as an MP, he has been issued a diplomatic passport, and that he would be coming to Zagreb soon. Outgoing Croatian PM Tihomir Oreskovic responded by saying Seselj would be arrested if he enters Croatia, Balkan... read more

Slovakia’s Fico goes to Russia

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, a critic of EU sanctions against Moscow, will travel to Russia on Thursday to meet with Putin. Slovakia is currently the chair of the EU Council presidency, and the first meeting in a series of discussions on the EU’s Russia... read more

Is Nord Stream II dead?

A Crude World column published by EU Observer discusses further complications arising as a result of Polish regulators preventing Gazprom from building its Nord Stream II pipeline as a joint venture with western firms. In addition to Gazprom now having to come up with... read more

A marriage of convenience

Leopold Traugott, of the Libertarian group Young Voices, writes an opinion piece in EU Observer stating the West should not worry about the new friendship between Putin and Erdogan, describing it as a marriage of convenience and a superficial friendship. Both Turkey... read more

USA Elections 2016 Update

March 23, 2016

By ALEX ALEXIEV Last Tuesday saw two more states (Arizona and Utah) casting votes in the presidential stakes and the results confirmed present trends but did not decide the winner of the republican race. The Republican Party – The GOP had a primary scheduled in...

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