Moldova turns from EU to Russia

New Moldovan President Igor Dodon announced at a press conference with Putin that he is trying to scrap Moldova’s EU association agreement and trying to get the former Soviet state to join Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union, EU Observer reports. For that to... read more

Malta raises alarm on Russia in Libya

As the Russia-backed Libyan commander, Khalifa Haftar, advances on Tripoli, Malta is warning that Moscow might instigate a civil war in Libya, which would increase refugee flows to Europe, EU Observer reports. In addition to weakening the EU, Russia is interested in... read more

Trump open to shift on Russia sanctions

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the Obama Administration’s sanctions on Russia will remain intact for at least a period of time, but that he would be open to lifting them.   Read original... read more

Will Turkey leave NATO?

An Al-Monitor piece examines Turkey’s shift to the east in foreign policy, including Ankara’s closer cooperation with the Russia-China dominated Shanghai Cooperation Organization. While Turkey’s relations with the West are weakening and Erdogan is... read more

Dysfunction in the Balkans

A piece in Foreign Affairs states the post-Yugoslav settlement in the Western Balkans — multi-ethnic states guided by the EU soft power of enlargement — has failed. Political risk consultant Timothy Less says, counter to what western diplomats have envisioned, ethnic... read more

USA Elections 2016 Update

March 23, 2016

By ALEX ALEXIEV Last Tuesday saw two more states (Arizona and Utah) casting votes in the presidential stakes and the results confirmed present trends but did not decide the winner of the republican race. The Republican Party – The GOP had a primary scheduled in...

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