Italy shields Russia from EU sanctions threat

At an EU summit on Russia, Italian PM Matteo Renzi led a group of member state leaders which stifled the plan of Germany, France, and the UK to merely threaten Russia with more sanctions if Moscow does not bring an end to Russian and Syrian air strikes on Aleppo, EU... read more

Croatian parliament votes in new government

Croatia’s new center-right coalition government received the support of 91 of 151 MPs in a parliamentary vote on Wednesday, Balkan Insight reports. Andrej Plenkovic, of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), is Croatia’s new prime minister. As was the case... read more

Bulgaria ex-minister indicted over belene deal

Bulgarian prosecutors have indicted former economy and energy minister, Petar Dimitrov, as well as two former CEOs of the state-owned National Electric Company, over a deal with Russia relating to the cancelled Belene nuclear plant project, Balkan Insight reports.... read more

EU sucks educated youngsters out of Macedonia

More than 100,000 Macedonians — mostly young, educated citizens of the small Balkan state — have acquired EU or Schengen Zone passports over the past decade in search of employment and a better life abroad, Balkan Insight reports. Of that total, more than half... read more

The Clinton Russia fiction

Scott Wheeler, a U.S. Army veteran and former investigative journalist, argues in a Forbes commentary that Hillary Clinton is presenting a cynical political charade in claiming she is tough on Russia and Putin. Wheeler cites missile defense concessions, the return of... read more

USA Elections 2016 Update

March 23, 2016

By ALEX ALEXIEV Last Tuesday saw two more states (Arizona and Utah) casting votes in the presidential stakes and the results confirmed present trends but did not decide the winner of the republican race. The Republican Party – The GOP had a primary scheduled in...

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