Turkey, US in deadlock over two major issues

Erdogan has been using his trip to the U.S. for the UN General Assembly in order to criticize Washington over its refusal to extradite Fethullah Gulen and its support of the Syrian Kurds, Hurriyet Daily News. Erdogan accused the U.S. of air-dropping more weapons to... read more

Russia blamed for hacking attack on German MPs

Berlin suspects Moscow has hacked files belonging to German MPs, as well as some regional offices of Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and rival parties, The Telegraph reports. As with the recent U.S. Democratic Party hacks, it is thought that Russia is trying to... read more

Bosnia: War talk again in the Balkans

Ahead of this weekend’s controversial referendum in Republika Srpska, former wartime Bosnian Army commander Safer Halilovic said the Bosnian Serbs would not be able to withstand an attack from federal forces for more than 15 days. Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica... read more

Is Russia preparing for war?

As Russia is ratcheting up its military exercises, a piece in The National Interest lays out arguments and counterarguments as to whether Russia is preparing to use overt force in Ukraine or the Baltics. Military drills have at times been used as cover for launching... read more

USA Elections 2016 Update

March 23, 2016

By ALEX ALEXIEV Last Tuesday saw two more states (Arizona and Utah) casting votes in the presidential stakes and the results confirmed present trends but did not decide the winner of the republican race. The Republican Party – The GOP had a primary scheduled in...

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