A Russian blogger do the new limo of power down and down | BA Comment

A Russian blogger do the new limo of power down and down


Russian media are delighted with the super-luxury Aurus Senat sedan, whose extended version rides President Vladimir Putin. Presented at an exhibition in Switzerland, the car, which borrowed elements from Rolls-Royce and Bentley, provoked the audience’s enthusiasm for its representativeness and respectable design.


BA Comment 

Blogger Eric Davidovich, who has become closely acquainted with the car of power, makes the “pride” of the Russian automotive industry a bust. Armed with just a phone, Davidovic looks at the Senate demonstration in the Aurus showroom and remains stunned by the poor build quality. In some places the paint of the body is tearful, in others there are protrusions of dust and grit. The decorative grille of the air intake in the bumper bends and creaks under the pressuar of the hand, and screws stick in the slits. The door seals are different and curved. The openings between the body panels diverge, and on the inside of the doors there is bare metal that clearly shows the welds.
“How can this compare to Rolls-Royce and Bentley, cost 18,000,000 rubles (€ 260,555) and be the pride of the Russian automotive industry ?!” the blogger resents.