Russian sites create hysteria that Norway “takes away Bulgarian children” | BA Comment

Russian sites create hysteria that Norway “takes away Bulgarian children”


Bulgarian families who emigrated to Norway in search of a better life have fallen victim to the complicated Scandinavian system, according to which, after the birth of a child, the main responsibility lies with the state. Under Norwegian law, some were forced to give their children to the country’s social service because of “bullying, violence and different views on the upbringing of adolescents.”


BA Comment 

It turns out that this type of social system is spreading to other European countries. Its aim is to protect every child at risk. And this implies observance of certain rules and norms that are not liked by all people in society. This creates a good breeding ground for Russian trolls, one of the most effective weapons of Kremlin propaganda. Investigation of the journalist Genka Shekerova reveals that the hysteria surrounding the abducted Bulgarian children by their parents was created through Russian sites. They are circulating false information and fake news that will discredit the values ​​of Western society and erode trust in the democratic community. In the vast manipulation, the ideas of Russian conservatism are cleverly broken with the messages of the Evangelical Church, creating panic and fear in people, no doubt inspired by Russia.