State Duma bans phone sales without Russian apps State Duma bans phone sales without Russian apps

INFORMATION / DISINFORMATION / BA COMMENT State Duma bans phone sales without Russian apps


State Duma lawmakers passed a law banning the sale of “certain types of technically complex goods” without Russian software.

The list of products that are banned from the column will be determined by the government. Earlier, the authors of the law explained that these were phones, computers and smart TVs. The authors of the initiative noted that the law aims to protect the interests of Russian Internet companies and reduce the number of abuses by large foreign companies. The law enters into force on 1 July 2020.


BA Comment

One of the undeclared goals of this legislation is to make compulsory sales of Russian software services accessible to any phone or mobile device because developers are required to give access to primary service codes under the vicious pretext of preventing terrorist attacks. Thus, the authorities can penetrate and control the private communications of almost every Russian citizen.

As we noted last week, attempts have been made to disconnect the Russian network from the global Internet, which has affected the work of millions of computers in the Far East.