Moscow should save, not subdue Chechnya

Exiled Russian businessman and founder of the Open Russia organization, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, writes a column slamming the system of governance the Kremlin has set up in Chechnya. Khodorkovsky, who just produced a film about Chechnya, says Chechen leader and Putin loyalist, Ramzan Kadyrov, operates like a medieval tsar, and Chechens live in fear that they could be kidnapped or killed at any moment. Serving Kadyrov, and in turn the Kremlin, or extorting money out of Moscow through armed insurgency are the primary opportunities for social mobility. In order to prevent a new separatist conflict and a rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the region, Moscow must replace Kadyrov, hold fair elections and see that the new Chechen government spends its money on social programs and job creation, Khodorkovsky argues.


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