Kosovo arrests Iranian on terror charges

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution arrested an Iranian citizen and indicted him with four charges, including money laundering and financing terrorism, Balkan Insight reports. The Iranian national is accused of hiding suspect funds belonging to an Islamic NGO operating... read more

Pay up on migrant deal, Turkey tells EU

Erdogan is again demanding the EU disburse the 3 billion euros in funds for refugees that Brussels promised to Ankara, EU Observer reports. Likewise, Erdogan is again threatening to unleash the 3 million Syrian refugees Turkey is hosting. Brussels and Ankara agreed on... read more

Ukraine reports six soldiers killed

Kiev announced Sunday that six Ukrainian soldiers were killed in fighting in Eastern Ukraine over the last 24 hours, RFE/RL reports. Another 13 soldiers were wounded. More than 9,400 people have now been killed in Eastern Ukraine since fighting began in 2014.  ... read more

Bulgarian MPs seek ban on foreign preachers

In the latest bill in a series of legislation targeting radical Islam in Bulgaria, the nationalist coalition the Patriotic Front is proposing banning foreign citizens from preaching in the country and banning preaching in any language other than Bulgarian. Krasimir... read more

State of emergency announced in Turkey

Erdogan declared a three-month sate of emergency in Turkey, which will give the Turkish president and his cabinet radically enhanced powers, the BBC reports. Erdogan and his cabinet can now bypass parliament when drafting new laws, and they can impose curfews,... read more

Warsaw: A big deal

Brian Whitmore, of RFE/RL, writes a column stating NATO officials addressed important issues at the alliance’s Warsaw summit, including sending troops to shore up NATO’s vulnerabilities near Russia’s borders and cooperating with the EU on countering... read more

USA Elections 2016 Update

March 8, 2021

By ALEX ALEXIEV With several more states casting their votes in primaries in Super Saturday last weekend the field has narrowed considerably in the republican race, while Clinton continues to dominate the democratic slate though not in a very persuasive manner. The...

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