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Counterfeiting with the stature of Putin issues heavy complexes


Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited the city of Cherepovets, where he “spontaneously” stopped the motorcade, leaving his armored limousine to talk to “citizens who greeted him” about the need for changes to the country’s constitution. This is how the official announcement of the Russian state media sounds. Curious photos of Putin’s meeting with people show that they are all lower than the president, who is known as a low man.


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However, numerous comments on social networks paint a completely different picture. According to eyewitness accounts, Cherepovets was blocked, as usual, when visiting the Russian president. Citizens early in the morning and were surrounded by metal enclosures. They were forbidden were get out of homes to use their private cars, and snipers were placed on the roofs of their houses.
Regarding officially published photos, according to Russian opposition media, such photographs are often shown, presenting “ordinary people” with whom Putin drinks tea, fishes or simply speaks to dummy people traveling everywhere he appears. Apparently, in Cherepovets, the services, in addition to the selection of “ordinary citizens”, also performed auditions for their height.