Turkey calls on US ambassador over Armenian genocide resolution Turkey calls on US ambassador over Armenian genocide resolution

INFORMATION / DISINFORMATION / BA COMMENT Turkey calls on US ambassador over Armenian genocide resolution


Ankara’s ambassador to Ankara, David Sutterfield, has been summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry for adopting a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide at the US Congressional House of Representatives.

This was reported by Turkish agency Anadolu.

“The US ambassador to Ankara Sutterfield was summoned to the foreign ministry in connection with a bill voted on by the US House of Representatives,” the statement said.

Earlier, 405 members of the US House of Representatives voted in favor of a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide, 11 opposed. Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan welcomed the decision, calling it a historic one. The genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire has been recognized by 23 countries, as well as by the European Parliament and the World Council of Churches.


BA Comment

This decision is not the first, but it is the first with such a huge majority. It has to be evaluated in the context of the sharply deteriorating relations between Turkey and the US and the sanctions against Ankara. Despite Trump’s desire to repeal them, they are being prepared by Congress, which is likely to deprive the US president of the opportunity to abolish them. It is no coincidence that the initiative is from the head of the Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, who is also the lead in the Trump impeachment investigation. The Russian media systematically and broadly cover any topic that indicates a real or potential problem in Turkish-US relations by handling a huge amount of misinformation. The last of these was that Ankara had requested to buy SU-35 aircraft from Russia, a “news” that the government in Ankara has formally denied.