“Following Ukraine’s example”: A comedian could come to power in Bulgaria “Following Ukraine’s example”: A comedian could come to power in Bulgaria

INFORMATION / DISINFORMATION / BA COMMENT “Following Ukraine’s example”: A comedian could come to power in Bulgaria


Stanislav Trifonov (Slavi Trifonov), whose satirical TV shows are the most popular in Bulgaria, has decided to fight for power in Bulgaria.

On October 5, he held a constituent congress of his political party, Bloomberg reports.

Trifonov promises to fight “the thick line that separates the party aristocracy from the Bulgarian people.”

The movement, dubbed “There is no such state” has enough support to enter parliament as the fourth-largest party, according to polls released last month.

The next elections in Bulgaria are due at the beginning of 2021.

“The people who rule and are elected by a considerable part of the Bulgarian voters are clinging to power,” Trifonov said. “I’m not greedy for power, I’m greedy for justice,” he added.

Five screenwriters from the Trifonov show will join the party.


BA Comment 

It is no coincidence that one of the leading mouthpieces of the Kremlin propaganda is publishing material dedicated to the foundation of Slavi Trifonov’s party and making analogies with the Zelensky party in Ukraine. Moreover, while the text itself states that Trifonov’s party is the fourth most popular, aiming to displace the right-wing party, the headline of the article states that he may come to power – to win elections, which is the long-term task.

Comparisons with Zelensky’s party are self-implied. Especially if one examines the genesis of the party of the Ukrainian president, which built up its popularity on the protest wave, which is dormant but strong in Bulgaria.

Making a party in Bulgaria, especially of the kind that Slavi Trifonov makes, is impossible without serious financial support, which is far beyond his means and reach.

Cui Bono – Whoever has the interest, he finances.