Hungary collects back its passports from Ukrainians Hungary collects back its passports from Ukrainians

INFORMATION / DISINFORMATION / BA COMMENT Hungary collects back its passports from Ukrainians


Budapest suddenly decided to check who it had issued its passports to in Ukraine. And with good purpose – to grant citizenship to ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia. But the Hungarian government met classic Ukrainian ingenuity mixed with corruption.

The steps undertaken –

If a citizen wants a Hungarian passport, he/she will be sent to the university, where he/she will be issued a certificate that he/she writes, reads and speaks Hungarian fluently.

The second is for the applicants to have either a grandmother or a mother who were citizens of Hungary, – said the former head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, Gennady Moskal.

“Today, the Hungarian police have been instructed: if a person is stopped and he shows a Hungarian passport but does not speak or understand the Hungarian language, his passport will be confiscated,” says Moskal.


BA Comment 

The granting of over one million passports to Ukrainian citizens of Hungarian descent / was intended to increase immigration into Hungary and fill in the gap of skills and workforce. The Orban government’s plans turned out to be wrong. Currently, the biggest problem facing the country’s economy is the lack of manpower – over 350,000 by 2018 estimates. The Ukrainian citizens who received the Hungarian passports are in no hurry to emigrate at all and secondly, when they do so, the destination is not Hungary but to other more developed countries in Western Europe.

In addition, holders of Hungarian passports also became a number of non-Hungarian Ukrainians who took advantage of the corruption channels in the Hungarian consular and passport offices.